Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's in a name?

So I have decided to Change Dylan's name. I was excited about using the unisex, yet usually male, name. However, as I get to know her, as I do the more I write, I realize more and more that she is NOT a Dylan. She is quite and reserved, she likes to be alone, and for some reason I'm just not feeling her name. Think of a Goth girl named Katie. Katie is not a goth name. Even if a girl were named Katie and she  became gothic (parents never really can predict the out some of their offspring) she'd pretend her name was something else. So from here on out Dylan will be known as "Ava". short and simple, with a lot of depth. I will post a revised edition of the blurb later to prevent confusion.

So have you ever written a story and changed names of characters? How did you find that PERFECT name? I would love you hear your thoughts :]