Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's in a name?

So I have decided to Change Dylan's name. I was excited about using the unisex, yet usually male, name. However, as I get to know her, as I do the more I write, I realize more and more that she is NOT a Dylan. She is quite and reserved, she likes to be alone, and for some reason I'm just not feeling her name. Think of a Goth girl named Katie. Katie is not a goth name. Even if a girl were named Katie and she  became gothic (parents never really can predict the out some of their offspring) she'd pretend her name was something else. So from here on out Dylan will be known as "Ava". short and simple, with a lot of depth. I will post a revised edition of the blurb later to prevent confusion.

So have you ever written a story and changed names of characters? How did you find that PERFECT name? I would love you hear your thoughts :]


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The First Bomb

If this story were to become a book, and you, reader, were to pick it up off the shelf at a lovely Barnes and Noble store and turn it over, as one usually does with a new book, this is what you'd read:

"Dylan doesn't like people. If being socially awkward was a profession, than she'd have no problem deciding what to do after ending school. Unfortunately, it is not. Instead she decides on a "fascinating" career studying the "wastefuls" (people of the past who ruined the world by using up all of their resources, and then killed each other off in panic that led to war). The point of the profession being to make sure that her society does not make the same mistakes.

Dylan is told that the career is mostly field work, done alone, or mounds of paper work. She is told that there is little to no interaction with other humans, which to Dylan sounds perfect. However, everything changes when a boy, Alec, shows up in all of Dylan's training courses. When the two are told that they will be partners in an expedition to study uncharted territory, they find themselves on the biggest adventure in history. While camping in a tunnel in the ruins of New York's Central Park, Dylan and Alec get caught in a time loop that brings them back to modern day Manhattan.

While in the past they learn that everything they have been taught about the "wastefuls" is entirely untrue and that their own Government, known as the "Administration," may be keeping a few secrets about how the world was destroyed. With no time to waste Dylan and Alec search for a way to get back to their time to uncover the secrets being kept by the administration. They must get back in the loop before the first bomb drops, or be stuck in modern day Manhattan during a war more brutal than any in history, that will leave no survivors."

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Thanks for reading!

The First Post

Good evening! If you read the lovely quote provided by Louisa May Alcott, and her beautiful character, Jo March of Little Women,(That's right Ms, Silver, I remembered to always under line book titles, no silly quotation  marks!) then you will have guessed that I do my best work at night! It's currently thirty-four minutes past one o'clock in the morning, or for you less fancy folks 1:34 am. This is my first post on this blog and I must say, I feel a bit like a goose writing to myself (basically) considering I am a  perfectly average twenty year old girl who's blog will probably never be viewed by anyone out side my Facebook friends. (They may not even take the time to read it)   However, I feel that documenting the progress on my current attempt to write an entire novel, will help me to finish it. "The First Bomb" is my third concept and the first to have a name that I've kept for more than a day. (For more details on the plot of the story, please see my next post!) My life is not very interesting, but the lives of my characters seem to be. I hope you find this blog enjoyable and that you tell your friends to take a peek! (Gotta break out of the Facebook friends list!)

Thanks for reading!