Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The First Post

Good evening! If you read the lovely quote provided by Louisa May Alcott, and her beautiful character, Jo March of Little Women,(That's right Ms, Silver, I remembered to always under line book titles, no silly quotation  marks!) then you will have guessed that I do my best work at night! It's currently thirty-four minutes past one o'clock in the morning, or for you less fancy folks 1:34 am. This is my first post on this blog and I must say, I feel a bit like a goose writing to myself (basically) considering I am a  perfectly average twenty year old girl who's blog will probably never be viewed by anyone out side my Facebook friends. (They may not even take the time to read it)   However, I feel that documenting the progress on my current attempt to write an entire novel, will help me to finish it. "The First Bomb" is my third concept and the first to have a name that I've kept for more than a day. (For more details on the plot of the story, please see my next post!) My life is not very interesting, but the lives of my characters seem to be. I hope you find this blog enjoyable and that you tell your friends to take a peek! (Gotta break out of the Facebook friends list!)

Thanks for reading!  

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